What is Prepping. That is a good question. These days we have more opportunity to prepare for disaster than ever before. As crisis levels reach a high, globally in these times, there has never been a more urgent time to start thinking and doing something about it. There is absolutely no way we can prepare for every situation that might come up on us, on this page I will try to provide generic principals to use in a lot of situations, in order to prepare us for as many variants as possible.

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My first choice of food to learn to prepare with is Cans. It has been known for a single can of food to last one hundred and ten years. here I have presented a short video and some tips on the subject.

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In our preparedness we should not over look solar equipment. This is becoming more and more available and at a good price. In this review we take a look and an affordable solar device to charge our phones and pads in any situation.