The word Bushcraft is a subject that is now considered a modern hobby. Our forefathers would have called it Living. Bushcraft is a gradual learning of how to use the outdoors to our advantage, and fitting in with nature. It goes hand in hand with survival being able to apply our newly acquired skills in any situation. In a survival situation, they may keep us alive.





Primitime hunting compressed gimp

Learning primitive skills is not only fun, It also builds up life skills. In this tutorial I experiment with the sling shot. A lot of practice with this method can prove to be a very useful thing to have around

Bow setup for mailchimp

I have taught many children and adults in the skill’s of hunting bows. I think it is fair to say that at some stage in our lives, we have all had a go with a bow and arrow. With very little understanding of just how important they can be in a survival situation. Another problem with the Bow is how do we make it accurate. There are many ways in this modern environment and with all the technical knowledge we have at our deposal it can be quite easy, but if the shit hit the fan and we had to make our own bow to survive, how would we do it. Click on image