This channel will allow you to learn Survival, Bushcraft and Preparedness skills hopefully in a fun way, building up life skills gently and for all ages so that if the SHTF, you will be able to draw on these experiences and not be left out in the cold or even dying.

Surviving Is a vast subject and to try to teach in every eventuality of survival would be impossible in one lifetime. In this channel, we explore items that will aid a survivor in any situation.

Growing up in the countryside, I was accustomed to outdoor living and farm life. Staying up all night just to catch a glimpse of the early morning wildlife. Picking wild edibles from the hedgerows on the way home from school was a natural occurrence. Helping out on the local farms digging spuds, thinning turnips. milking cows, shearing sheep, stacking sheaths of barley, fishing, hunting and much much more.


This is in my opinion The best Survival book in the business. The Lost Way’s.